The Australia Collaboration

The information in this section is as a result of a collaboration originating from researches into the transportation of a Tharston man to Australia. It is with great pleasure that Nigel joined with Phil Buzzard from Australia in research into the life and transportation of William Hunt of Tharston, an habitual criminal, to Australia in 1853, and to host Phil’s webpages detailing the life of Millar Buzzard, the husband of a granddaughter of William Hunt, William Slade Vincent, and Don Roulston Buzzard, Phil’s mother. Phil’s latest research is into the life and sad demise of John “Skip” Bailey, RAAF 1939 - 1943. There is also a photo gallery of images from across all of the webpages.

From Tharston to Australia
(William Hunt)

The Life and Times of
Millar Buzzard.

The Life and Times of
William Slade Vincent

The Life and Times of
Don Roulston Buzzard

John “Skip” Bailey
RAAF 1939 - 1943

Brian Buzzard

The Buzzard
Photo Gallery

To make full use of the information in the above topics a bulletin board forum has been set up to get feedback corrections and additions to their content. Also, we would like to get an idea as to who is interested in this content and receive comments on the webpages’ design. The Buzzard Board forum can be found here. Please register with the site, initially post in the ‘Visitors’ thread to say who you are and what is your interest in the pages’ content. Thank you in advance.

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